We’re well into the New Year. By now your best planned weight loss resolutions may be falling by the wayside. It’s time for a bit of inspiration and a shot of motivation! Let’s take a look at the core issues that matter most for weight loss to see if we can’t get you back on track as well as touch on recent news that might be helpful.

As a starter I can’t stress enough the need for having an important reason why you want to lose weight. When the “WHY” is big enough it can get you through just about anything. In addition to why you must “BELIEVE” you can succeed. Please don’t underestimate the power of these elements!

Next choose healthy eating for life. Follow a healthy diet plan such as the ones I provide on this website. Lose the weight and keep if off with healthy eating. Fad diets are out because the weight you might lose will come back on when you go back to your normal eating patterns. It’ll happen faster than you can say “Oops, big mistake!” Fad diets  simply don’t work. Healthy eating and calorie management matter. Always have and always will.

What Americans buy at the grocery store.

Many Americans who Struggle with Weight Management are missing the mark when it comes to healthy food purchases.

So with these thoughts in mind let’s take a moment to look at a chart compiled by the USDA that compares actual food expenditures by American households as compared with the dietary guidelines for healthy eating. Take a closer look at the disparity between the recommendations and what people actually buy. How do you feel your expenditures for food might compare? Are you eating a healthy diet?

Most households fall far short of the recommendations for eating whole fruit. Do you eat enough fruit?  Look at the recommendations for whole grains compared with what people actually buy. How about the expenditures for beverages, refrigerated/frozen entrees, sugar, and candy? As a whole Americans are way off the mark when it comes to eating a healthy diet. How might you improve your diet?

The key to successfully enjoying the benefits of a healthy portion controlled diet is to take responsibility for what you eat. Make better choices at the grocery store and then take a bit of time to prepare meals and snacks for yourself as much as you can. It’s o.k. to choose refrigerated/frozen entrees from time to time but don’t let that be the norm.

The good news is that more people are choosing to eat at home as opposed to restaurants than in previous years. (Wall Street Journal, 2014)  Maybe we can keep this trend going! If you find the thought of preparing your own meals and snacks to be stressful help is on the way. I’ll be writing more about how to prepare quick and easy meals and snacks on this blog.

In the meantime you might want to take a look at a new resource I found on how to build a cooking habit.  Establishing the habit of cooking might be just what you need if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in your own kitchen. It is the first step in gaining confidence in your ability to cook.

You can achieve your weight loss goals. Establish a firm why for weight loss, believe in your ability to lose, and take responsibility for what you eat by choosing to prepare your own healthy food as much as possible. You can do it.


Other Weight Loss News

Short term fasting has shown up recently as a weight loss tool. I recommend caution but there may actually be some merit to what has been called “Intermittent Fasting” or IF. To learn more about it you may want to read an article about intermittent fasting on the LA Times website.

Get your refrigerator organized and set up in a way that supports your weight loss challenge. There is now strong evidence to suggest that this can make a big difference. Take a look at “Can you lose weight by reorganizing your Fridge?

Jane E. Brody has an excellent column on the New York Times in which she covers the basics of healthy diet plans and why fad diets don’t work. What I especially liked was the way she summed up her weight loss and weight maintenance experience: “Most, like me, became successful when they gave up “dieting” and adopted a sensible eating and exercise plan they could stay on comfortably for the rest of their lives.” Oh so true…

Wishing you all the success you hope for!