Spaghetti, Meatballs, and More – Sample Menus

I provide sample menus to help you come up with your own ideas for simple healthful low calorie meals. These menus may or may not fit your needs. Take a look at my sample diet plans for guidelines when modifying a sample menu or creating your own meal plans.

(Links can be found on the menu bar at the top of each page for both 1200 and 1500 calories. If you need more than 1200 or 1500 just add an additional 100-300 depending on your needs.)

Following a Nutritious Diet Plan Need Not be Difficult


Today’s menu plans do require some meal preparation but it’s pretty simple. Lunch calls for having tuna fish salad that you can prepare quickly by mixing some Albacore tuna canned in water with a little light mayonnaise. The tuna mix can be spread on whole grain crackers just before eating.

[Note: A 3 oz. single serving can of tuna with a pop-top lid and a small single serving packet of mayo are easy to carry with you for a sack lunch.]

The tossed salad I suggest to go along with the tuna and crackers can also be put together just before eating. Just keep the ingredients separate till it’s time to mix them up and avoid having a soggy salad! I own a variety of small plastic containers for this purpose as well as containers with divisions so that ingredients can be kept separate under one cover.

Supper of spaghetti and meatballs can be prepared very quickly if you are using frozen meatballs. I have a recipe for spinach turkey meatballs that my husband and I like to make in quantity and then freeze. The spinach makes the meatballs surprisingly moist and tasty as well as more nutritious.

You can also choose to purchase frozen meatballs at the grocery store. I see there are turkey meatballs made by Jennie-O, Purdue, and others but the calorie count seems to be a bit higher than what I make. If you’d like my recipe let me know.

To increase the calorie count from the 1200 calorie sample menu to the 1500 calorie sample menu, I simply increased the portion size for the crisp bread and tuna and added more cheese to improve the total calcium count.



(Clicking on the links should open up an online pdf version for each menu. If you want to have a copy, simply right click and “save” or “save as”.)

Use your imagination to switch things up a bit if you would prefer something different. Follow the basic diet plans I mentioned earlier and you can have a comparable low calorie healthy menu. Don’t worry about getting the balance exactly right just do the best you can.

Be looking for lots more sample menus in the weeks to come.

Best wishes!